Terms and Conditions

Below are the regulations for the carriage of goods:
  • Booking of transport by phone or via the “order a courier” form after receipt of confirmation.
  • It is forbidden to include the following goods in parcels, ie tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, all kinds of weapons and sharp tools. In the event of failure to comply with the above-mentioned point of the regulations, all costs related to the return of the parcel and administrative penalties shall be borne by the person sending the parcel.
  • Packages should be carefully packed in cardboard boxes and must be protected against damage in transit.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect addressing of the package by the sender, i.e. entering an incorrect address or telephone number.
  • Goods that we do not pick up in person are picked up by an external courier company DPD and then forwarded to us.
  • Each package without an address remains in stock until clarification.
  • Shipments are delivered in the door to door system, i.e. to the door of the building. If it is a block of flats, it is under the staircase.
  • We do not go directly into houses due to the COVID situation.
  • The customer should notify the courier, when ordering transport, about any help in lifting / bringing the shipment.